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Youth Reenactment Accessories

What if your child has an interest in more than just archery? What if they want to do the whole reenactment? Well then Medieval Archery has the gear to help you with that too! We offer a wide selection of youth reenactment accessories, ranging from classic archery gear to more traditional reenactment items that are perfect for rendezvous, fairs, and events! Any basic medieval look starts with good garb, and we do not disappoint in that regard. Elven tunics, medieval shirts, and traditional trousers are all stellar starting pieces to let your young lad look more medieval in his style. And for the girls, we offer blouses, skirts and more to have her looking like an adventurous medieval princess! Smaller accents like ring belts and buckle belts can be found here to add in, offering support to hold up pouches, frogs, and quivers. And ensembles can be completed with child-sized cloaks located in this section, too! We also carry a few pieces of armor, ranging from leather cuirasses, harnesses and bracers to steel breastplates and more, so that your young one can look like a military archer or soldier fit for battle. Just as archery is not solely for adults, reenactment is also an activity that children can join in and enjoy. And at Medieval Archery, we make it easy for your young one to get involved with the fun by offering a wide selection of great youth reenactment accessories.
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Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt

Item # FX1014
A little lord deserves the finest of garments to wear. This Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt suits that need perfectly, allowing them to look like the most hard-working of serfs, the most noble of knights, and the most high of kings.
$32.97 $21.32

Childrens Squire Arm Bracers

Item # DK4102
Sized for the youngest of warriors, the Childrens Squire Arm Bracers are made of high quality leather in a multitude of color options. Their traditional design will easily suit a wide variety of looks from history and fantasy.

Childs Knight Shirt

Item # MCI-167
The Childs Knight Shirt is great for finishing off your childs medieval outfit. The Childs Knight Shirt is available in black with red strips or white strips. The knight shirt is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.

Childs Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-168
The Childs Medieval Pants is a great addition to your childs medieval outfit. These striped pants are available in a wide variety of colors. The knightly pants are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Felix Childrens Gugel

Item # MY100275
Put a little fun in the wardrobe of young medieval enthusiasts with the Felix Childrens Gugel. Made of cotton canvas, this headdress features a long tapering tail on the back of the hood, giving it a charming and youthful appeal.

Kids Chris Trousers

Item # MY100693
Your young adventurer will be suitably dressed for whatever their quest entails when wearing the Kids Chris Trousers. These childrens medieval pants are made of sturdy cotton and have an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring.

Kids Felix Leather Armour

Item # MY100501
The Kids Felix Leather Armour assists young LARP adventurers in avoiding injuries when on an important quest. This medieval cuirass not only raises their defense on the battlefield, but also creates the right look for their role.

Kids Felix Leather Bracers

Item # MY100499
Permit your child to complete a noble LARP quest or reenact history. When combined with our padded bracers and the matching armour pieces, these Kids Felix Leather Bracers ensure the young warrior is ready for an exciting adventure.

Kids Felix Leather Greaves

Item # MY100500
Make sure your child is ready for the fun and excitement of a LARP quest while properly fortified against the bruises and scratches of battle. The Kids Felix Leather Greaves assists in the avoidance of injury during said adventure.

Kids Lotte Dress

Item # MY100694
Light yet durable, the Kids Lotte Dress is the perfect starter for young ladies interested in historical reenactment or fantasy dress-up. This cotton dress has a classic fit great for layering or for wearing on its own.

Lucas Canvas Cloak

Item # MY100463
When planning a family outing to a renaissance faire or preparing the entire clan for a LARP adventure, make sure your child has suitable outerwear. With its classic design, the Lucas Canvas Cloak is a perfect fit for numerous roles.

Niko Childrens Pants

Item # MY100325
Sometimes it is best to start with the basics. The Niko Childrens Pants provide a great base for the medieval-inspired outfits of any child. These cotton canvas pants are versatile wardrobe staples available in various colors.