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Arm Guards & Gloves

Put yourself in this position - you nock your arrow, draw back your bow, and fire. The string grazes your arm and worse yet, messes with the alignment of your arrow, putting it several inches off-target. Medieval Archery brings to you a selection of arm guards and gloves that are perfect for keeping you safe, ensuring that when incidents like the above do happen, they do not leave you with welts or bruises to remember them by. A good bracer or arm guard is a must for the serious traditional archer as it is lightweight and easy to wear while offering a solid level of protection that cannot be beaten. Add in that it does not interfere with your shot and it becomes a win-win as far as archery equipment goes. And since several of our archery arm guards are emblazoned with heraldic emblems and impressive designs, they also go a long way towards enhancing your personal style too! We also carry archer hand protection in the form of supple leather gloves and finger guards that help to keep your digits safe and secure. For hand crafted protection that not only keeps you safe but also sets you apart as an archer, nothing compares to the variety and the quality that you can get from the arm guards and gloves found here at Medieval Archery.
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Archers Arm Guard

Item # MY101104
In the forest, you track your prey. It stops carelessly and you fire an arrow. You do not worry about your arm while wearing this Archers Arm Guard. It works wonderfully for LARP battles, cosplay events, and theater productions.

Archers Finger Guard

Item # MY101106
Drawing a bow is very hard on your dominant hand after a long LARP battle or practice session. Protect your fingers with this Archers Finger Guard. It works great for LARP battles, historical reenactments, and theater productions.

Archers Hand Protection

Item # MCI-2456
This Archers Hand Protection is meant to protect the hand that holds the bow. Keep your bow-hand properly shielded from passing arrows and recoiling strings. This leather glove is a must-have for both traditional and LARP archers.
$20.00 $10.80

Artemis Archer Bracer

Item # MY101016
Fierce warrior queens and ruthless mercenaries know to protect their arm when firing an arrow. Shield your bow arm in battle with the Artemis Archer Bracer. This leather bracer works wonderfully for LARP battles or cosplay events.

Boar's Head Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6101
Our Boars Head Archers Arm Guard is perfect for traditional archers looking to stay period dressed, especially if you like wild boars! Our arm guards are hand made from quality 7/8 ounce leather and provide just the protection you need.

Clawed Up Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6103
This Clawed Up Archers Arm Guard will definitely set you apart from the other archers. Not only does it provide protection, but it also features an impressive design that looks like a wild beast, clawing its way through leather.

Clemens Suede Gloves

Item # MY100784
Details make an outfit, and the Clemens Suede Gloves are just right for a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy occasions. Accent any outfit with these sturdy and soft suede leather gloves, offered in a variety of colors.

Death Hart Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6105
Once upon a time, the hart (or stag) was considered to be one of the most sought-after prey animals that could be hunted. In homage to that notion, this Death Hart Archers Arm Guard features the vengeful skull of a hart that fell.

Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6107
When it comes to keeping your arm safe, dragon scale is often considered to be some of the best protection. This Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard echoes the look of scale armor, in comfortable leather that is light enough for any archer.

Essential Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6116
Every archer needs an arm guard to protect their arm from the snap of their bow string. Made of supple 5/6 ounce leather, the Essential Archers Arm Guard has an additional layer of leather stitched to the front for heightened safety.

Filigree Elven Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6110
If you are looking to accessorize with elegance, this Filigree Elven Archers Arm Guard is a perfect choice. Excellent for LARP campaigns, Renaissance fairs, or modern archery events, this arm guard offers exquisite protection.

Gillian Gloves

Item # MY101249
Whether you are a mercenary, rogue, or other cunning character, you should have a great pair of gloves. Add the Gillian Gloves to your fantasy outfit. These gloves add the perfect finishing touch to a variety of cosplay ensembles.