Fantasy Bows

The power of a bow in skilled hands is quite well-known, and it the fearsome reputation of archers that likely makes the weapon as popular in fiction as it was in history. If your favorite archer happens to be born of fantasy, then perhaps you might find their bow here at Medieval Archery. After all, we carry a number of fantasy bows that are every bit as functional as they are lovely to look at. Like our more traditional longbows, each and every one of our fantasy bows are crafted entirely by hand. This ensures that as ornate as they may look, each one is also a functional bow that you can use to nock, draw, and fire arrows. They come in a number of styles, ranging from elven bows adorned with natural designs and flowing scrollwork to rugged woodsman and ranger bows fit for the best of hunters. We also offer bows from a few popular series, including some Lord of the Rings bows that reflect the weapons wielded by the elves of Middle-earth, including a few longbows based on the weapons of Legolas himself! Vibrancy of color and intricate detailing on each piece makes every fantasy bow here at Medieval Archery a stunning sight to see. Factor in that each one can also be used for traditional archery, and it is not hard to see why our selection of fantasy bows is one of the very best.