Traditional Longbows

When anyone thinks of classic medieval archery, the traditional longbow is generally what comes to mind. And for good reason, as the longbow practically dominated the arena of ranged warfare for several hundred years! Here at Medieval Archery, we offer a number of fantastic longbows, all hand made from the finest of woods, in a variety of different styles. Several of our longbow designs hail from different cultures not only from the medieval world of antiquity, but also from cultures that have spanned this world and others. We have English longbows that would look right at home in the hands of an archer during the Hundred Years War, just as we have bows that would fit perfectly into the hands of rangers and elves from a fantasy setting! And since they are all fully functional, you can put them all to a wide variety of uses! Any one of the bows found in this section makes for a perfect target bow to practice archery with, a tournament bow to compete with, or a reenactment bow to use at your local fair or event. For the classic archer who wants that old world experience, nothing beats a traditional longbow. And that is why here at Medieval Archery, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best selections of longbows possible.