Recurve & Horsebows

The longbow might be the icon of historic archery, but it was not made for every situation. Sometimes an archer needs a more compact bow that offers not only portability but also considerable power. The recurve bow delivers just that, and its small size made it effective on horseback too. And here at Medieval Archery, we offer you a selection of recurve and horsebows so that when you need them, you know where to find them. There is a reason why cultures that favored mounted tactics preferred the recurve bow to the longbow, and that is because it is perfectly made for horseback archery. It is not limited solely to that arena though. Carried on foot, any one of our recurve bows makes for a great weapon that any archer will enjoy using, thanks to the portable size and power that is inherent to the recurve design. And since each of our recurve and horsebows are hand crafted for excellence, you can bet that each one performs quite well in practice and use. If you have plans to try your hand at mounted archery, you will definitely want a recurve or a horsebow. And for the best one possible, make sure you get it here at Medieval Archery.