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Belts & Pouches

Belts are not just for holding up your trousers. In archery, a belt might be for supporting your quiver or for carrying the pouch that contains your extra arrowheads - both are two things that no medieval archer would likely be without! And that is why Medieval Archery carries not just belts, but belts and pouches and other odds and ends that you can secure about your waist - so that as an archer, you are always prepared for what lies ahead. The most pivotal items found in this section are the belts - after all, belt accessories are no help at all if you cannot wear them! We offer both buckle belts and ring belts, with variations on either that add more touches of detail to your person. A Celtic ring belt, for instance, lends some subtle detail to your look with its classic form, while a dragon scale buckled belt reflects an easy-to-use style with obvious fantasy influence. Also found in this section are belt pouches for carrying practically anything you can imagine, from arrowheads to potions to modern amenities and more. We also offer a number of other clever trinkets like compasses, thermoses, telescopes, and more, so that you can complete your look with all sorts of thoughtful and useful accessories. Once you have your base look, it is time to accessorize, and at Medieval Archery, that means taking a few moments to pick out a few items located right here in our belts and pouches section.

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Adalbert Belt

Item # MY100244
Adorn yourself with the Adalbert Belt for the perfect touch of functional finery. Made from thick leather, the details of the belt are cast in brass, lending this medieval accessory a distinguished charm and lovely goldish color.

Adolar Belt

Item # MY101244
No matter if you are an adventurer, merchant, or soldier, you may find yourself in need of a great belt. Add this Adolar Belt to your fantasy outfit. It looks great at a variety of events, including Renaissance faires and conventions.

Adventurer Pouch

Item # DK7120
Maintain your fantasy persona by storing your cell phone, wallet, and other small goods in the Adventurer Pouch. To ensure that your goods remain safely stored and concealed, an antique brass clasp is used as a closure.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Black

Item # HW-700907BK
When attempting a quest or journey, the traveler needs a place to hold their finds. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in black holds necessary gear. Add this functional accessory to your LARP, cosplay, or Renaissance faire outfit.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Brown

Item # HW-700907BR
Messengers and merchants need their hands free to carry out their duties. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in brown allows them to finish their tasks. Carry this medieval bag to a Renaissance faire, fantasy convention, or LARP event.

Alrich Scroll Bag

Item # MY100490
The Alrich Scroll Bag is a helpful accessory for those entrusted with the task of delivering important documents. Whether duty leads you to a battlefield or a scholarly setting, this case keeps urgent messages and sacred text close.

Arthur Leather Belt

Item # MCI-325
The intriguing and attractive Arthur Leather Belt is hand-crafted from leather and features a number of intriguing designs that make it quite an impressive belt to look at and of course, it is still a totally functional belt.

Artus Leather Belt

Item # MCI-326
The Artus Leather Belt is an intriguing belt that is as functional as it is visually appealing. This buckle belt is made entirely from leather and makes a great addition to almost any look, be it medieval, renaissance, or fantasy.

Axe Holder

Item # GB3920
Our Axe Holder is designed to fit belts up to 2 inches wide and axe shafts with a maximum thickness of 2 inches. This axe holder provides a ready answer for those looking to find an easy way to carry a shot-shafted axe or war hammer.

Belwar Bag Set

Item # MY100901
Apothecaries, potioneers, and medieval merchants often require many pouches to hold and organize their wares. Use the Belwar Bag Set for your items. This bag set looks great with a wide variety of medieval and fantasy characters.

Belwar Large Belt Bag

Item # MY101245
When attending a medieval faire or market, you may wish to acquire something from a vendor. Hold your newfound treasures in the Belwar Large Belt Bag. It looks wonderful with a variety of historical and fantasy inspired outfits.

Belwar Leather Pouch

Item # MY100902
When visiting a medieval or fantasy market, currency should always be right at hand when purchasing goods. Keep coins in the Belwar Leather Pouch. This leather pouch is fantastic for reenactments, LARP events, and Renaissance faires.