In battle the bow opens new avenues of offense and forces foes to anticipate attacks and devise new defenses. This was true on ancient battlefields, and it remains true today in Live Action Role Playing events. Added in to your LARP experience, a good LARP bow might be just the weapon that gets you through the battle and allows you to experience a whole new realm of possibilities for your character. The durability and resilience of these bows is quite extensive, as many are made using some amount of fiberglass. Whether they are made from it exclusively, feature wood accents, or wooden layering, this material ensures that the LARP bows are hardy and durable and can be left strung for hours with very few problems. These bows also offer a lower draw weight, with many models ranging between 20 to 30 pounds (see each individual bow for more narrowed variances). Fired with a LARP approved arrow and used responsibly, these bows are perfectly safe for use in LARP events and LARP games. A LARP bow can also be used for traditional archery as well, and with its low draw weight and hardy design, many make for fantastic target practice bows, beginner bows, or youth bows too! Whether you grab a fiberglass bow, a wood bow, or a hybrid, any one of the LARP bows from Medieval Archery will give you the chance to expand your horizons by opening you up to the wide world of archery.
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Black IDV LARP Bow - 120cm

Item # MCI-3452
An ideal weapon for younger LARPers or close quarters warriors, the Black IDV LARP Bow - 120cm is a small, reliable ranged weapon for medieval reenactors and role players. Taking down enemies from a distance is always a load of fun!

Black IDV LARP Bow - 140cm

Item # MCI-3453
For LARPers who wish to experience battle from a distance, LARP bows such as the Black IDV LARP Bow - 140cm are the perfect weapons! Some might enjoy hitting things with swords, but shooting enemies with arrows can be fun too!

Deluxe RFB Bow - Black, Medium

Item # MCI-3472
The Deluxe RFB Bow in Black, Medium is ideal for LARP archery or safe archery practice. This black LARP bow is made of fiberglass and has been textured to look like wood. Suede leather with lace-up detail reinforces its grip.

Gold IDV LARP Bow - 120cm

Item # MCI-3450
The enemy still has a long way to go before they collide with your army, but they just entered the range of the Gold IDV LARP Bow - 120cm that you carry, so let arrows rain from the sky! Take aim and fire for the glory of victory!

Gold IDV LARP Bow - 140cm

Item # MCI-3451
You might be situated at the rear of the army, but as an archer, you are the first line of attack against the enemy. With your fellow archers, you will rain down arrows using the Gold IDV LARP Bow - 140cm until they arrive!

Koppany Horsebow

Item # MY101109
Archery was a martial tradition for centuries, even thousands of years. Become an archer out of the ancient world by wielding this Koppany Horsebow. It works great for a variety of roleplaying events as well as archery practice.

LARP Horsebow

Item # MCI-2439
The LARP Horsebow pulls about 24-26 pounds and is made of fiberglass and covered in suede so it fits it perfectly with period themes. The tips of this bow are made of wood and have a traditional horsebow nock.
$196.50 $102.60

Long Nomads Bow

Item # MY101111
Whether you are a scout, hunter, or part of a marauding horde, you require an impressive bow for your adventures. Bring the Long Nomads Bow with you. This bow is great for a variety of roleplaying events as well as archery practice.

Long Rattan Bow

Item # MY101099
Whether you are an elven ranger or a medieval bowman, you need a great bow ready to be fired. Wield this Long Rattan Bow on your next LARP campaign. It works great for perfecting your technique in addition to roleplaying battles.

Magor Horsebow

Item # MY101110
Riding along the plains, you spot your prey. You pull back your bow and fire an arrow. Little escapes your reach when you wield this Magor Horsebow. It works great for a variety of roleplaying events as well as archery practice.

Medieval LARP Long Bow

Item # MCI-3322
When it is more advantageous to launch your attack from a distance, reach for the Medieval LARP Long Bow. Made of wood and fiberglass, this longbow has an authentic medieval look and can be used by both right- and left-handed warriors.

Pendragon Longbow

Item # MY101113
Whether you defend an elven kingdom or the crown at Agincourt, you require a great longbow. Wield this awesome Pendragon Longbow against the enemy. This bow is wonderful for various roleplaying events as well as archery practice.