Reenactment Accessories

For some, archery does not end with the bow, the arrow, and the target. For some, it is about the age-old technique and the history that goes in to it. For some, it is about reenactment. And for those who want to involve themselves with archery in medieval reenactment - or reenactment in general - Medieval Archery offers a selection of reenactment accessories that are perfect for putting together an authentic and historic ensemble. We offer authentic looking clothing for both men and women to wear to create their ideal archer look. We do not stop at clothing though, as we also offer belts, pouches, and other accessories that help to complete your look, as well as select pieces of armor including leather, mail, and even plate that would serve well any archer who wears it. And since it is best to always be prepared, we also carry swords and daggers as melee weapons and shields for defense, so that should your enemy close with you, you can abandon your bow (temporarily of course) and deal with your foes at close range! At Medieval Archery, we have tried to think of everything so that when you decide to do some historic archery reenactment, you can get all you need including your various reenactment accessories, right here in one easy experience.


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Usually archers try to stay as far away from combat as possible. But as countless scenarios in games, film, and fiction have shown, that is not always do-able. So from time to time, archers must don armor to keep themselves safe. When you face that moment, you can turn to Medieval Archery to provide you with the leather, mail, and plate armor you need to stay safe in combat while still utilizing your bow to its fullest. Historically, leather and chainmail were two of the common choices for archers, as they could be worn without hampering movement, allowing the archer to still fire their bow. In that respect, we offer leather brigandines and leather cuirasses, as well as high quality mail shirts and chainmail hauberks to wear for personal protection. We also offer leather bracers, pauldrons, and gauntlets to enhance your protective style beyond what some traditional core protection provides. And for the archer who really wants to be safe, we also have steel breastplates, gauntlets, and even a few helmets that will work well when it comes to providing you with the utmost protection possible. Whether you are aiming for non-fiction or fantasy, Medieval Archery has all the archer armour that you will need to keep yourself safe and sound on the field of battle.

Belts & Pouches

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Belts are not just for holding up your trousers. In archery, a belt might be for supporting your quiver or for carrying the pouch that contains your extra arrowheads - both are two things that no medieval archer would likely be without! And that is why Medieval Archery carries not just belts, but belts and pouches and other odds and ends that you can secure about your waist - so that as an archer, you are always prepared for what lies ahead. The most pivotal items found in this section are the belts - after all, belt accessories are no help at all if you cannot wear them! We offer both buckle belts and ring belts, with variations on either that add more touches of detail to your person. A Celtic ring belt, for instance, lends some subtle detail to your look with its classic form, while a dragon scale buckled belt reflects an easy-to-use style with obvious fantasy influence. Also found in this section are belt pouches for carrying practically anything you can imagine, from arrowheads to potions to modern amenities and more. We also offer a number of other clever trinkets like compasses, thermoses, telescopes, and more, so that you can complete your look with all sorts of thoughtful and useful accessories. Once you have your base look, it is time to accessorize, and at Medieval Archery, that means taking a few moments to pick out a few items located right here in our belts and pouches section.

Medieval Garb

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As an archer, if you are planning on doing any reenacting, a historic longbow and good medieval garb are the first steps towards creating an authentic look. And Medieval Archery can help you with both of those! In this section you will find our medieval clothing, offered for both men and women so that any archer can easily craft their own ensemble. Whether are you aiming for an authentic look from the pages of history or a fantasy look from your favorite setting, you will find a number of garments that will help you craft your look here. Peasant shirts, outlaw tunics, and medieval trousers all perfectly create base looks, while additions like cloaks, hoods, and more help to build your ensemble into something that no-one can ignore. And for the ladies out there, we offer plenty of options as far as medieval skirts and blouses go, so that you can keep on using your bow while looking like a lovely medieval maiden too! And we do not expect you to go barefoot, so we also carry some mens medieval boots and womens medieval boots to complete your look! Medieval reenactment has never been so easy for an archer! Just browse through the medieval garb here at Medieval Archery and you will likely get quite a few ideas on how to craft your own ideal archer ensemble.


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Nothing beats a good shield. After all, who needs armor when you can deflect the blow and not even get hit? At Medieval Archery, we offer a selection of fine medieval shields in both wood and steel that are perfect for archers to carry and use, as well as for medieval enthusiasts to use when it comes to creating a fine archery theme in their very own castle! After all, nothing says archery quite like your shield featuring the target bulls eye! Perhaps the most common shield we offer for archers are bucklers, whose small size makes them lightweight, and therefore easy to use and carry. This also means that a buckler is less likely to interfere with the use of a bow. We also carry larger shields in both wood and steel, as well as in a variety of shapes, ranging from the classic round shield to the heater and kite shields of the later ages. We even carry a few crusader shields, as well as some blank-faced shields that are perfect for making your own designs and heraldries. Even a warrior who fights from afar should consider their defense, and that is why a shield, whether it is a buckler, a hand painted heater shield, a Templar kite shield, or a bulls eye round shield, from Medieval Archery is a great defense for any archer to carry.

Swords, Daggers & Axes

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As an archer, your main weapon is the bow. But it is also a good idea to take a page from the historical archers book and always arm yourself with a secondary weapon as well, just in case your enemies happen to get too close for comfortable archery. That is why Medieval Archery offers a selection of swords, daggers, and axes - so that you can arm yourself properly and stay safe no matter what range your foes decide to attack you from! Arming swords and Viking swords are two of our more common blades in this section, as both are one-handed weapons that were light and easy to carry, yet devastatingly effective when placed into skilled hands. We also offer a few hand and a half swords, better known as bastard swords, to suit the archer who wants options with their melee weapon. We also carry a variety of different of short blades, varying between classic medieval daggers and more traditional hunting knives. This ensures that reenactors can have their preferred short blades, and modern-day archers and hunters can have a dagger to suit their needs too. And for that unique archer who wants something a bit more non-traditional, we offer a handful of hand axes and battle axes to add to your armory as well. A secondary weapon can sometimes save an archers life, and they make for great training tools if you decide to expand from historic archery into medieval swordplay. If nothing else, a sword, dagger, or axe from Medieval Archery helps add some authenticity to your medieval look, while also adding some intimidation to your overall look as well.